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A Sad Day

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Just when you thought that I could not get any more nostalgic about the jobs I'm leaving at the end of this week, you thought wrong. I was barcoding in the stacks this afternoon when I overheard Karen telling Amy that tomorrow is my last day at the library. Amy wasn't aware that my last day was approaching so quickly. I went on my break and decided to treat myself to Jamba Juice. "Salisbury Hill" by Peter Gabriel was playing in the car as I drove toward the entrance to I-80 west. All of the sudden, I broke down and cried. I couldn't believe the fact that I'm going to be leaving the amazing people at the library so soon. I couldn't believe that I would no longer regularly be appearing in the place (the library) that has basically served as my second home for the past year and a half. I've felt really sad and heavy-hearted ever since. I had to try to compose myself in order to speak to Tina this afternoon and I succeeded.
Then, I came back to work this afternoon and was greeted by Erin. I asked how she was doing and she said "Okay." She seemed really sad so I figured something was going on. She then proceeded to surprise the heck out of me by telling me how she wasn't aware that my last day was coming so quickly, how sad she was to be seeing me go and that I absolutely have to drop by and visit and not lose touch with her and my co-workers here.In fact, she now tells me she's going to bring a movie for me to borrow (tomorrow) so that I will have a reason to have to come to the library and visit her. How sweet! I was floored and extremely touched by everything she said. She's just the most amazing and enthusiastic person. I can't say enough good things about her!
I got a Peach Pleasure smoothie at Jamba Juice and now I'm just kicking back and finishing my shift. I still feel really sad. It is amazing what knowing this week is my last at these jobs has done for my attitude toward them. My attitude has improved ten-fold and I'm not "sinfully" wishing time away as much as I usually do. Peace.
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