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I'm posting prolifically again.
I didn't do anything but go grocery shopping today. I slept in super late---until around 10 or 1030. I just felt drained today. Last week was emotional and busy and it just left me exhausted. When I wasn't sleeping or grocery shopping, I was reading, watching a little of Alton Brown's "Feasting on Asphalt" marathon on the Food Network, and playing around on the "interweb." I also made a half-hearted attempt at straightening my hair but I gave up, deciding that I would rather re-wash it and start the whole process over--tomorrow. I don't have the energy or patience to mess with it right now.
I'm a little nervous because my grad program basically starts on Monday. Classes don't begin for me until Monday August 28 but I have a variety of events to attend to this week. On Monday, I have to meet with the faculty members in the Department of Social Work, and the other graduate assistants, for coffee at 8 AM. After coffee, we grad assistants have to go to a university-wide training for all of the TAs and GAs from 930-5 or 530. Then we have training all day Tuesday and Wednesday as well. We also have to make a ten minute "teaching presentation" on Wednesday, on a topic of our choice. Yikes! I think it is ridiculous because the GAs in our department don't even teach classes independently.
The new grad student orientation is all day Thursday but I'm planning to blow that off. I think we can just do the required orientation activities via the web and since I've been a student at this particular institution forever, I don't want to hear more of the same old, same old. Plus, I selfishly want to have some time off. I've rambled on long enough. Good Night.
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