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oh, 2013...

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it's so hard to describe how I feel right now. I guess heartbroken and struggling to make sense of a myriad of emotion would come closest in terms of accuracy. I hated this year. that's not to say good things didn't happen, namely the birth of my daughter and watching my children grow but, overall, the year SUCKED. I was forced to face ugliness about myself and see, firsthand, how the closest of relationships can implode and fade away, when no identifiable reason can be found. I'm so sick of feeling sadness and pain, all the time. Sometimes, I feel close to letting go, and getting on with my life but mostly I just feel stupid, forgettable and small.
2013, go away and suck big fat donkey balls. 2014, please live up to the fortune cookie fortune I got today, promising me that the "skies above will rain success onto you." Yeah, I could totally get behind that...
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