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I'm finishing up my last shift at the library right now. I get off at 7 tonight. One boss gave me flowers and a card and another gave me a little gift that I have yet to open. Erin hugged me and started to cry. She told me to make sure to not lose touch and I won't. I can't believe my time here is done. I turned in my keys to the building and the library tonight. It is time for me to move on though so it is all good.
I took Ruben and Zach bowling earlier today at Starlite Lanes and I (sigh, gasp!)won (I'm a ridiculously terrible bowler!) but I didn't break 100. It was fun and they're cute. Next week, Ruben and I are planning to hit Wild Waters. We were supposed to go with the whole family today (which was outrageously fun last year) but some people were sick. I'm hoping we can find a time when everyone can go, before the park closes down for the summer. If not, oh well.
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LHS Library--for the final time
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okay okay
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