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So Tired

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Well, I worked two shifts at Bernice Mathews today. They had me work some extra time there today, since it was my last day.
During the after school program, we played with water balloons, took the kids on a walk to Paradise Park and back. We then served them dinner and the day was done.
I'll miss those kids soooooo much. I don't think it is going to hit me for awhile. They were hugging me and begging me to "just work one more day." It was sweet and touching. They made me a poster with their handprints and names all over it. I'm going to hang it up. Selene, my boss at the school, gave me a picture of the kids holding a banner that said "Thank you" and gave me a little bag filled with assorted memorabilia from the 21st Century Learning Center. I was so lucky at these two jobs. I had wonderful experiences and worked with wonderful people. I'll miss them all.
I'm so tired I need to crash. I can't think of doing anything else. Tomorrow's a free day though. I have nothing planned.
P.S. I do have hope that I will see some of the kids again. I'm being kept on as an on-call/substitute for the programs. If one of the TAs can't make it, and if I'm available, I'll be called into work. I think I'll jump at the chance to do it, if I don't have class or some other obligation, because I love those kids so much and seeing them will make my day.
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On August 19th, 2006 03:10 pm (UTC), fictionfanatic commented:
Wow, that is so touching. You really reached out and affected those kids and the others that you worked with. It's so nice to see that they appreciated you so much!
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On August 19th, 2006 10:48 pm (UTC), sylph_kitten commented:

Much love.
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